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I have a choice collection of vintage and modern microphones, preamps and outboard gear perfect for capturing powerful drums, deep guitar tones and aggressive vocals.

With 20 years of experience miking and recording metal bands I can quickly get the most out of your amps and instruments in an environment designed for creativity..


I've created powerful live mixes for metal bands all over the world, and belive your productions should capture the performance and energy that captivates an audience, to your album.


Whether you are looking for online metal mixing or attended mixes, we'll get the sound you are after.

If you aren't 100% satisfied with your guitar tone or drum sounds i'll happily re-amp or sample replace to get the sound you are looking for.


Balancing and presenting your songs so that they sound cohesive, great and loud on any system is a dark art, especially when mastering metal.

I'll put the final icing on your album or song so that the best attributes shine through, and it stands out in the crowd.

Whatever format you've chosen for your release, streaming, CD or Vinyl, i'll make sure your audience gets the best experience from your music.

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The whole process went smoothly and TPK is both talented and an amazing guy to work with. Really happy with the results and highly recommended.


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Tom provided exceptional quality. He understood our vision, worked with us to capture exactly what we were after and we've never sounded so good!


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Tom is a solid technician and great guy. He's a joy to work with, both Live and in the studio. He has an eye for detail and always produces quality work!



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We'll schedule a call to discuss your creative vision and goals, and plan dates that work for both of our schedules, and your release date.

After sending us your deposit you'll need to send your session files. I'll set up an upload portal for you, specify how to get the files to me and guide you in how to export the files out of your DAW project.

Before mixing all of the songs, Tom will mix and master 1 song as a test. This allows us both to get on the same page for all of the "big picture" parts of the mix.

Once the test mix has been approved, and the artistic vision is set, Tom will spend the bulk of his time mixing and mastering all of the tracks based on the final test mix. There should be no nasty surprises for you once you get the full mix. From here, there are typically only small revisions to make.

Tom sends the "Full Mix," which is all of the mixed and mastered songs in one long track. You spend a week (or so) gathering a lengthy list of minor revisions (turn up the lead at xx:xx. Turn down the vocals at xx:xx). Tom completes the revisions and sends them back for your approval.


When YOU are happy the mixes and masters are delivered straight to your inbox, ready for release.

Tom Poole-Kerr, Mixing Studio, Recording Studio


Email or ring us for pricing: +47 944 71 545


Mind melting guitar and crushing drum tones? Look no further!

Tom Poole - Kerr has been crafting mixes for over 20 years. With a background as a metal guitarist he understands the importance of heavy and rich clarity.

Everyone loves an emotional and sweaty live gig, but unfortunately bands often find that their records lack the power and intensity they create on stage.

With a solid footing in the live world, that has taken his mixing all over the world, Tom knows how to re-create that elusive energy in the studio.

Based on the weather beaten west coast of Norway Tom's studio location is the inspiration for his rugged and raw mixing style.

Contact me for a quote and let's see what we can create together.