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Mastering is the final step to enhance your mixed track into a final master, ready to be released on to the unwitting public. Balancing and presenting your songs so that they sound cohesive, great and loud on any system is a dark art, especially when working on Metal Mastering or Heavy Rock Mastering.

We examine the track, correct any overall mix problems, bring out the details, and make sure it sounds as loud as other commercial releases.  

Our audio mastering engineer masters specifically for Spotify, CD and Vinyl, so whatever format you've chosen for your release, we'll make sure your audience gets the best experience from your music.

We'll put the final icing on your album or track so that the best attributes shine through, and it stands out in the crowd and it rips peoples heads off!


We also have state-of-the-art audio mastering equipment with a professionally tuned room that ensures your music will sound its very best on all formats.

At Green Engine Recording, we specialize in providing unmatched mastering services specifically tailored to Metal music. We understand the genre and its nuances, and use our expertise to bring out the best in your music.

Unlike other online mastering services that use automated software and work with all genres, we provide a real Metal mastering engineer with a wealth of experience and who understands and breathes Metal music.

Mastering Studio Acoustics


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We provide two different music mastering services: Stereo and Stem.


Stereo Mastering is the more traditional service, where a simple stereo audio file goes through the process of correction, equalisation, enhancement and compression.


Stem Mastering is for when multiple sub-mixes are available (individual mixes for drums, bass, guitars, synths, vocals etc.) and it allows for even greater results, giving the mastering engineer additional control over the main balance of the mix.

When considering Metal mastering online, make sure your tracks are in the hands of a professional mastering engineer who understands the genre and will help you create your heaviest sounding mix yet.

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