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We have been miking and recording rock and metal bands for the last 20 years. We’ve invested in a choice collection of vintage and modern microphones, preamps and outboard gear perfect for capturing powerful drums, deep guitar tones and aggressive vocals, to give you the heaviest recordings imaginable.

Guitar Speaker Elements

Your music has it's own feel, it’s own quirks, your own dark story. So your album needs to match. What makes your skin crawl and your adrenaline rush? Huge roomy drum sounds, tight and deep guitar tones or an aggressive sound that punches its way out of the speakers?

The point is, it’s true, heavy, and totally unforgettable. It’s focused entirely on the feeling you want to convey!


A great music studio recording can be the difference between proudly showing off your music or being so embarrassed you never release it.
It can be the difference between getting signed or being stuck in "local band hell" forever, and it can be the difference between getting millions of streams or getting ignored. 

Lets make your music the best it’s ever sounded and get it out to the masses!

The Best Amps For Recording Metal

Tom loves guitar gear and has a prize collection of heavy as f*ck amps from the likes of Mesa Boogie, Bogner and Diezel. Combined with our custom speaker cabinets featuring Black Shadow, Green Backs, Vintage 30’s, Cream Backs, V-Type and G12-H speakers, your guitars will have never sounded so heavy!

With decades of experience miking and recording Rock and Metal bands we can quickly get the most out of your instruments in an environment designed for creativity.

In The Recorder Studio

My ultimate goal is to deliver you a stress-free process that matches your vibe and honours what you want. It’s that authentic experience that creates a genuine record!

So let's create your heaviest album yet!

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