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Your music has it's own feel, it’s own quirks, your own dark story. So your album needs to match. What makes your skin crawl and your adrenaline rush? Huge roomy drum sounds, tight and deep guitar tones or an aggressive sound that punches its way out of the speakers?


The point is, it’s true, heavy, and totally unforgettable. It’s focused entirely on the feeling you want to convey!


Mixing and mastering are the final steps in the process of making your music sound amazing.


  • It can be the difference between proudly showing off your music or being so embarrassed you never release it.

  • It can be the difference between getting signed or being stuck in "local band hell" forever. 

  • It can be the difference between getting millions of streams or getting ignored. 


More than 40,000 new songs are added to Spotify every single day. No one wants yet another trash-sounding song mix added to the pile. 


  • Want to stand out?

  • Want to be proud of your work?

  • Want to actually have your music taken seriously


Whatever the vibe you want to create, I’m your engineer!
Capturing and presenting the energy and feeling you want to convey. But it’s even more than that. I build real friendships with my bands, and guide them through the whole process.


My ultimate goal is to deliver you a stress-free process that matches your vibe and honours what you want. It’s that authentic experience that creates a genuine record! You shouldn't be held back by mixing and mastering prices.

So let's create your heaviest album yet!

Mixing Desk


Logic Pro X Mixer

Choose your package (options below) and head over to the contact form!


• We’ll get to know each other and talk about dates and goals. We start out with what you want to achieve with this release (say, a record contract) then the style of your music, your influences and favourite albums, what the most important elements of your music are, the mixing and mastering prices, and the format and deadline for your release. (You might need a bit more time to record that progressive black metal symphonic opus than two days )


• A contract and deposit reserves your dates in the studio if recording or when I start work mixing and confirms the delivery deadline. Let’s do this thing!


• Once you’re on the books, I’m all yours! You’ve spent years crafting your songs and refining your sound, so a stress-free experience, knowing your music is in safe knowledgeable hands is what it’s all about, right? I’ll guide you through preparing and exporting from your recording software, delivering your tracks, plus provide extra tips if you want to improve your recordings.


• Each release is unique and therefore gets a custom timeline that caters to and outlines every aspect of your project.


• It’s here, mixing day! Based on our discussions I’ll start crafting your mix and forming the basic tone for your release. I start with one track and once it’s ready for your feedback I’ll send it to you to make sure we’re on the same page for the rest. Then you’ll get all the other tracks, ready for your comments. We’ll do as many revisions as you need free of charge. (Yeah, I pack that in. It’s not done until you’re happy!)


• When the mix is nailed, you’ll get the release-ready tracks delivered to your inbox, ready for uploading to Spotify, Apple Music, CD duplication or Vinyl production. Now finally we can get to the mixing and mastering prices.


Are my recordings good enough?

If you're recording yourself, or you don't have the budget for a professional facility, you might be worried your songs will never sound great. But on the flip side no one knows your songs the way you do. You can save a lot of time and money producing and recording them yourself. This can be done with minimal gear and limited experience, so I’ve put together a guide to help your songs sound the best they can. Get my Free guide here.

How to listen and write questions before revisions

Everyone has different tastes and value  instruments and elements of the mix differently. Instead of everyone writing and contradicting one another, it’s a lot quicker and more efficient if everyone agrees on a list of changes before they are submitted to your engineer. Listen to the mixes in the environment you most often listen to music.

Preparing your tracks for mixing

I want to start mixing your track as quickly as possible, so to save me time and you money, I’ve written an easy to follow guide for how to prepare your tracks in the recording software you use. Get my Free guide here.

How would you describe your mixing style?

I love big roomy sounds! If the intensity and speed of the music allow for it, huge drums and sustaining guitars really do it for me. Having mixed metal bands on giant PA systems all over the world, I bring those same values to the studio, capturing the energy and power that captivates a live audience to your album so that it’ll even sound great on your iPhone speaker.

Planning for your release

Whether you are planning on purely releasing your songs digitally or in a physical format, the different mediums all have processing times. You need to plan your release schedule from recording through mixing and mastering to release day. Perhaps you also want to time it with a music video? For the streaming platforms you should factor in roughly 1 month for inspection approval, for CD roughly 10 days before delivery, and you should order your vinyl about 6 months in advance!

Relasing your music yourself?

Today it's very easy to release your music without a record label. There are even services that will handle all the promotional work for you. I thoroughly recommend vising CDBaby's resources page as a great place to start to learn how to get the best out of your release.

I advocate using CDbaby or Distrokid to easily deliver your music to all streaming services.


Recording a Metal Drum Kit

Prices From €450


For €450 you get an 8 hour recording session in an environment designed for creativity, complete with a tracking engineer with 20 years experience and access to a large mic locker and outboard worth over €50,000​

Metal Mixing Studio

Prices From €300


From €300 an engineer with 20 years experience will mix your tracks to highlight the energy and power in your songs.

Discounts apply if you are submitting multiple tracks to be mixed, contact me to get an exact price for your release.

Analogue Tape Mastering

Prices From €50


Whatever format you've chosen for your release, streaming, CD or Vinyl, i'll make sure your audience gets the best experience from your music.

If you are submitting multiple tracks to be mastered discounts apply, so contact me to get an exact price for your release.

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