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Based on my experience recording, mixing and mastering Rock and metal I've put together these Music mixer free online resources to help bands get great sound whether you're playing live, in the studio, or preparing to record. 

How To Sound Good Live

In this video I go into depth about how to make sure that your band sounds great every night of the week, for free, and regardless of where you are playing and if you got a music mixer free online to mix the show.

Build A Cheap In Ear Monitoring System for your Band

IEM for $200? You can easily build a cheap and great In Ear monitoring system using an old Interface you already own, and never have to worry about bad monitoring at your concert again. Here I walk you through the steps to make such a system for your band. This will work on stage and in the rehearsal room.

How To Build An Audio Thunderbolt Hackintosh

In this article I explain the process of building a hackintosh computer with stable plug and play Thunderbolt for use with UAD Apollo and other Thuderbolt based interfaces.

How To Add A DC Jack To An Effects Pedal

In this article I show you how to easily convert that old guitar pedal you have, to be able to use a Boss style DC connector, and power it without batteries.

How To Use The Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer

Lots of people own this pedal, but few use it properly, as the Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer is marked with some very cryptic words. In this article I show you what the controls actually do and how I think they should be labeled.

How To Record Guitar For Reamping

When you’re tracking Guitar it’s a good idea to record the clean signal from your guitar as well as a miked-up amp, so you have the option to reamp and change the tone later. So how do you go about recording through an amp and capturing the clean signal at the same time? This video will walk you through it.

How To Send Drum Trigger MIDI Info Via XLR

Recording drums at the same time as capturing midi from the drum shells, through a trigger module, is a great idea. But what if the drums are in a different room to your interface? This article will show you how to convert a MIDI cable to XLR and back again.

How To Fix Dirty Power In Your Home Studio

I was having some noise problems in the studio, while re-amping some guitars and I found one of the main things contributing to it were wall wart power supplies

So here’s a video that could help you remove the headache of power noise in your studio.

Useful Links

I have lots of friends in the industry. If you're looking for something else maybe one of them can help you?

  • Frank at Studionas does mixing and mastering in the Jazz and classical field

  • Ole at Auran Studio mixes and masters Funk and Indie bands in the east of Norway

  • Noam at Noam Studio has mad Cubase and Indie production skills

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