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Audio mixing is the most important step in the process of making your music sound heavy as hell. When music is recorded, each voice, musical instrument, and sound are recorded separately. Then the tracks, or groups of tracks called stems, are balanced by a professional mixing engineer in such a way that they form a perfect stereo representation of your performance.

Professional Mixing Engineer


Green Engine Recording have created powerful mixes for Rock and Metal bands all over the world, and believe your productions should capture the performance and energy that captivates an audience.

If you’re looking for a Rock Music Mix or a Metal Music Mix, that’s the language we speak, and the music we breathe, you can rest assured that you’ll get the sound you’re after.

Finding an engineer who can deliver great online audio mixing can be difficult.

There is many a professional mixing engineer who claims to mix all genres of music, but without truly understanding the genre they will just put your meticulously recorded tracks through the generic template they put all other genres through and assume it’s going to cut it. News flash, it won’t!


I would argue that to sculpt a competitive, heavy as f*ck metal music mix or rock music mix demands a deep understanding of the genre. Hell, I’m not about to start mixing a country record! I’m sure I could pull off something adequate, but, one -  it wouldn’t be fair to the artist, and two - well why would I want to subject myself to that??

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Green Engine Recording knows how a heavy metal music mix should sound! If you aren't 100% satisfied with your guitar tone or drum sounds we can happily re-amp guitars and basses with one of our classic tube filled metal amps, or sample replace drum hits with custom and leading industry sounds, to get the power you’re looking for.

Online Audio mixing should be performed by a professional mixing engineer. Cheap and Free Digital Audio Workstations make it easy for anyone to experiment with mixing, but in the same way an instrument requires practice, patience and skill to master, creating a great mix requires a great deal of knowledge and talent within the genre.

With More than 40,000 new songs being added to Spotify every single day, your music needs all the help it can get to stand out, and the mix can be the difference between you getting millions of streams and getting noticed by labels or getting ignored, and left in "local band hell" forever. 

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