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How To Replace The Ampeg SVT Fan

Hi Tom, here from Green Engine Recording, and I’ve got a sick Ampeg but not in a good way!


The ampeg SVT classic is a great classic bass amp when it works, but I was trying to change some tubes the other day because the amp wasn’t biasing correctly, and I managed to break off connector on the fan and now I can’t use it at all because it overheats!

ampeg 1.jpg

Conveniently, ampeg have blacked out the original manufacturer of this stock product so it wasn’t as easy as I thought to find a replacement. But I finally managed to find and order the right fan. It’s a Sunon SF11580A 1083HBL. GN  Easy to remember right?? It’s also 115v 0.13A  Get one here

Ampeg Part.jpg

But it doesn’t have the molex connector required by the SVT. No problem I thought, I’ll just cut off the original one and solder it on to the new fan.

ampeg molex.jpg

However, I figured as the leads aren’t labeled I also had to check the polarity to make sure it gets power where it expects. After experimenting connecting the wires both ways, I discovered it doesn’t matter which way around you have the leads as positive and negative are interchangeable.

Ampeg Polarity.jpg

It is important to make sure you put the fan in the right way around with the logo facing outward, so that it blows hot air away from the tubes.


Hope this helps if you find yourself in a similar situation, now happy gigging.

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